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Giving and Receiving the Gift of Forgiveness

Brother, you need forgiveness of your brother, for you will share in madness or in Heaven together. And you and he will raise your eyes in faith together, or not at all.

Behold your Friend, the Christ Who stands beside you [in your brother]. How holy and how beautiful He is! You thought He sinned because you cast the veil of sin upon Him to hide His loveliness. Yet still He holds forgiveness out to you, to share His Holiness. This “enemy,” this “stranger” still offers you salvation as His Friend. The “enemies” of Christ, the worshippers of sin, know not Whom they attack.

Forgive the sins your brother thinks he has committed, and all the guilt you think you see in him.

Give faith to your brother, for faith and hope and mercy are yours to give. Into the hands that give, the gift is given. Look on your brother, and see in him the gift of God you would receive. (A Course in Miracles, T-19.IV.D.12:7-8;14;15:10;17:1-3. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

Because in truth we are one with every brother, when we forgive a brother we are forgiven. The Love that our brother is deserves our faith in him, for it is faith in God’s Creation. Belief in the image of a brother as a body is undeserved, for it is belief in an illusion. Belief in an illusion is a veil that hides the truth of Love’s oneness and innocence. As we accept Christ’s vision, we see past the veil to the truth of our unity with our brother.

With the Holy Spirit’s help, we forgive or let go of the false images we have made and make way for Christ’s vision to show us our brother’s innocence and our own. This is how we receive God’s gift of the Atonement, which undoes the dream of fear and guilt and brings us back to Heaven where we belong.

Today we welcome Christ’s vision, for we would remember we are at Home in Heaven.

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