Daily Inspiration

Accepting Holy Spirit’s Vision of Now

Unless the past is over in my mind, the real world must escape my sight. For I am really looking nowhere; seeing but what is not there. How can I then perceive the world forgiveness offers? This [the real world] the past was made to hide, for this [is] the world that can be looked on only now. It has no past. For what can be forgiven but the past, and if it is forgiven it is gone.

Father, let me not look upon a past that is not there. For You have offered me Your Own replacement, in a present world the past has left untouched and free of sin. Here [in the present world] is the end of guilt. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 289,W-pII.289.1:1-2:3.. See also ACIM Lesson 289 Insights.)

God’s Love is eternal and changeless. Being changeless, It has no past and Its seeming future is the same as well. God’s Love is ever present, now.

The ego is the wish to be separate from Love. This could only seem to be possible in a dream of time where the present is ignored. The ego holds a “memory” of the past, which it projects on the present, making God’s present Love unknown to us. Our thoughts about the future are constructed out of memories from the past. There is no consideration given to the possibility that present Love continues into the “future.” Thus our belief in the ego thought system leaves God’s present Love completely hidden. This is why forgiveness, letting go of the past, is the way we open our minds to the real world, where Love’s presence is accepted and guilt is left behind.

Today we practice letting go of the past and accepting Holy Spirit’s vision of now.

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