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Freeing Ourselves from Limitation

This world is not where you belong. You are a stranger here. But it is given you to find the means whereby the world no longer seems to be a prison house or jail for anyone.

But you must change your mind about the purpose of the world, if you would find escape. You will be bound till all the world is seen by you as blessed, and everyone made free of your mistakes and honored as he is.

Peace is the bridge that everyone will cross, to leave this world behind. But peace begins within the world perceived as different, and leading from this fresh perception to the gate of Heaven and the way beyond. Peace is the answer to conflicting goals, to senseless journeys, frantic, vain pursuits, and meaningless endeavors. Now the way is easy, sloping gently toward the bridge where freedom lies within the peace of God.

And you look up and on toward Heaven, with the body’s eyes but serving for an instant longer now. Peace is already recognized at last, and you can feel its soft embrace surround your heart and mind with comfort and with love.

For peace is union, if it be of God. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 200,W-pI.200.4:3-5;5:2-3;8;10:5-6;11:6. See also ACIM Lesson 200 Insights.)

While we believe we are limited to a body, we will project that belief on what we see, perceiving other bodies and forms as real. By letting go of this projection, we free ourselves to look past the projections and see the unity of Love, which we share with All That is. In this perfect oneness, conflict does not exist and so there is perfect peace.

Forgiveness — letting go of the false image of a separate identity — is the means to welcome the peace of God. Judgment and peace cannot coexist. Judgment always involves conflicting purposes and goals. The oneness of Love has only one purpose — to extend Love. As we join with Love’s oneness, we find the peace and joy of God.  We extend Love to all.

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Accepting Holy Spirit’s Help

Let me not forget my function [to forgive, overlook what never happened]. I would not forget my function, because I would remember my Self. I cannot fulfill my function if I forget it. And unless I fulfill my function, I will not experience the joy that God intends for me.

Suitable specific forms of this idea include:

Let me not use this to hide my function from me.
I would use this as an opportunity to fulfill my function.
This may threaten my ego, but cannot change my function in any way.
(A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 82,W-pI.82:3-4. See also ACIM Lesson 82 Insights.)

When we act as if the body and what we see happen in the world is real, we have judged against the oneness of Love. We are believing that it is possible to limit Love by separating from It. But to separate from Love is to make ourselves totally unaware of It. Partial or selective love is impossible.

It is this attempt to limit Love, to judge against It, that must be forgiven. This is our only meaningful purpose in the world. To fulfill this purpose, we must join with the Holy Spirit, the Truth in our mind.

Every situation, every relationship, every perception is an opportunity to let the Holy Spirit show us how to see it as a whole, in the oneness of Love. He will help us see past the appearances of conflict and limitation to the reality of Love. In Love we will see our perfect safety, peace and joy. We will forgive the illusion of loss and welcome the reality of the changeless Love we are.

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Accepting the Love We Are

We thank our Father for one thing alone; that we are separate from no living thing, and therefore one with Him. And we rejoice that no exceptions ever can be made which would reduce our wholeness, nor impair or change our function to complete the One Who is Himself completion. We give thanks for every living thing, for otherwise we offer thanks for nothing, and we fail to recognize the gifts of God to us.

Walk, then, in gratitude the way of love. For hatred is forgotten when we lay comparisons aside. What more remains as obstacles to peace? The fear of God is now undone at last, and we forgive without comparing. Thus we cannot choose to overlook some things, and yet retain some other things still locked away as “sins.” When your forgiveness is complete you will have total gratitude, for you will see that everything has earned the right to love by being loving, even as your Self.

Our gratitude will pave the way to Him, and shorten our learning time by more than you could ever dream of. Gratitude goes hand in hand with love, and where one is the other must be found. For gratitude is but an aspect of the Love which is the Source of all creation. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 195,W-pI.195.6;8;9:1-3. See also ACIM Lesson 195 Insights.)

The nature of Love is to be grateful. It is a natural effect that comes with the joy of being united in the oneness of Love. There are no differences in Love, no conflict. Nothing to compare because Love never changes. It is always the same all-encompassing Love of God. Love is our Home.

Judgment (unforgiveness) denies the oneness of Love. It makes us unaware of Love’s presence and leaves us feeling lack, sad and fearful. Judgment depends upon the belief in separation because differences depend upon there being separate states or forms.

To return to the full awareness of the Love we are, we must let go of all judgments. Today we call upon the Holy Spirit to replace our judgments with His singular judgment — that only the oneness of Love is real. With His help we will learn to see past the empty images of the world to the one Love that unites us with our Creator. And we will walk in gratitude.

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Seeing Love’s Reflection in the World

My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability. How can I know who I am when I see myself as under constant attack? Pain, illness, loss, age and death seem to threaten me. All my hopes and wishes and plans appear to be at the mercy of a world I cannot control. Yet perfect security and complete fulfillment are my inheritance.

Recognizing that what I see reflects what I think I am, I realize that vision is my greatest need. The world I see attests to the fearful nature of the self-image I have made. If I would remember who I am, it is essential that I let this image of myself go.

The world I see holds my fearful self-image in place, and guarantees its continuance. While I see the world as I see it now, truth cannot enter my awareness. I would let the door behind this world be opened for me, that I may look past it to the world that reflects the Love of God.

God is still everywhere and in everything forever. And we who are part of Him will yet look past all appearances, and recognize the truth beyond them all.

In my own mind, behind all my insane thoughts of separation and attack, is the knowledge that all is one forever. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 56,W-pI.56.1:1-5;2:2-4;3:2-4;4:5-6;5:2. See also ACIM Lesson 56 Insights.)

Identifying with an image of a body as what we are is a self-imposed limitation. It leaves us feeling alone and separate and without Love, for Love cannot be limited. Believing we are without Love, we search constantly to find what we feel is missing. But it cannot be found in the world we see. We need to open our minds to a different way of seeing that does not use the body’s perceptions.

The Holy Spirit in our mind will help us see with the vision of our true Self. This vision shows us the Love we are and the Love that is everywhere, without limit. This is our Reality. To know this reality, we must let go of identifying with a separate self-image. Our true Self is united with all Love everywhere. The will of our true Self is join with this Love and extend It always. This world is seen behind the images we have made.

We can practice remembering this as we meet or think of anyone by mentally saying to ourselves, “Beyond this appearance is the Light of Love. Let me see this Light as my Reality and know that I am Love.”

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The Path to Perfect Happiness

God’s Will for you is perfect happiness. Why should you choose to go against His Will? The part that He has saved for you to take in working out His plan is given you that you might be restored to what He wills [perfect happiness]. This part is as essential to His plan as to your happiness. Your joy must be complete to let His plan be understood by those to whom He sends you. They will see their function in your shining face, and hear God calling to them in your happy laugh.

…realize your part is to be happy. Only this is asked of you or anyone who wants to take his place among God’s messengers. Think what this means. You have indeed been wrong in your belief that sacrifice is asked. You but receive according to God’s plan, and never lose or sacrifice or die.

Look deep within you, undismayed by all the little thoughts and foolish goals you pass as you ascend to meet the Christ in you.

He will be there. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 100,W-pI.100.2;7:3-7;8:5-9:1. See also ACIM Lesson 100 Insights.)

Happiness is our natural state. We were created to be happy as an extension of God’s joy. If we experience sadness or depression, we are believing in a false image of our identity, separate from God. God’s plan for our salvation is to guide us to letting go of this false image that hides the truth of our perfect happiness.

It seems that we must go deep within to find our true Self, the Christ, God’s Son. But that is only because we have made up and believe in layers of images that make the veil of illusion seem impenetrable or at least thick and hard to get past. And so God’s plan works kindly and persistently to peel away the false images through forgiveness. With the Holy Spirit’s help we learn to recognize the unreality of the images we have taught ourselves to believe are real.

The more we practice welcoming the Holy Spirit’s interpretation in place of our judgments, the happier we become. Forgiveness is the key to happiness. This is our function in God’s plan for our salvation, our release to perfect happiness.

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Release from Guilt

The body’s eyes see only form. They cannot see beyond what they were made to see. And they were made to look on error and not see past it.

These eyes, made not to see, will never see. For the idea they represent left not its maker [ego], and it is their maker that sees through them. What was its maker’s goal but not to see? For this the body’s eyes are perfect means, but not for seeing. See how the body’s eyes rest on externals and cannot go beyond. Watch how they stop at nothingness, unable to go beyond the form to meaning. Nothing [is] so blinding as perception of form. For sight of form means understanding has been obscured.

Let your awareness of your brother not be blocked by your perception of his sins and of his body. …You gave him not his holiness, but tried to see your sins in him to save yourself. And yet, his holiness is your forgiveness. Can you be saved by making sinful the one whose holiness is your salvation?

…reason sees a holy relationship as what it is; a common state of mind, where both give errors gladly to correction, that both may happily be healed as one. (A Course in Miracles, T-22.III.5:3-5;6;7:3,6-8;9:7. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

Only what is true has meaning. When we understand meaning, we are accepting Reality as It is. The ego is the denial of Reality and made the body with eyes that cannot see reality. It is impossible that the body’s eyes see anything that is true, having been made to see only illusion. This fact is the key to release from sin and guilt. Because everything the body’s eyes see is illusion, everything it sees is untrue. This means all our perceptions with the body’s eyes, which we interpret based on our past learning, are mistaken.

We need to choose a different Interpreter. The Holy Spirit is not blinded by the appearance of forms. He sees past them to the true meaning that lies beyond them all. He sees Love’s innocence everywhere. As we choose His interpretation in place of our own, we are accepting the Holy Spirit’s gift of our salvation. We are learning that sin is not true and could never be true. Therefore guilt is never justified.

The Holy Spirit’s function is to show us that we remain as God created us — whole, complete and sinless, shining in the Light of God’s Love. Today we choose the Holy Spirit’s interpretation in place of our own.

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Accepting the Reality of Present Love

If all but loving thoughts have been forgotten, what remains is eternal. And the transformed past is made like the present.

For the present is forgiveness.

It is still up to you to choose to join with truth or with illusion. But remember that to choose one is to let the other go. Which one you choose you will endow with beauty and reality, because the choice depends on which you value more. The spark of beauty or the veil of ugliness, the real world or the world of guilt and fear, truth or illusion, freedom or slavery—it is all the same. For you can never choose except between God and the ego. Thought systems are but true or false, and all their attributes come simply from what they are. Only the Thoughts of God [Love] are true. And all that follows from them comes from what they are, and is as true as is the holy Source from which they came. (A Course in Miracles, T-17.III.5:3-4;8:2;9. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

The test of truth is perfect peace. If we experience anything but perfect peace, we have chosen illusion in place of truth. We always have instant feedback that tells us what we have chosen. In every instant we have the option to choose differently. Whether we experience a seemingly minor disturbance or a sense of terror, we still have a choice.

Ever present in our mind, the Holy Spirit is ready and willing to help us make the choice for truth. We need only be willing to offer the perception that is “threatening us” to Him, with willingness to receive His kind correction. He will strengthen our willingness with His. As we are receptive to His correction, He will show us the truth of What we are in place of the guilty shadows of the past that we have identified with. He will show us the changeless Love we are. He will show us that we remain united with our Creator, sharing His invulnerability and Love. He will show us the Reality of now.

Each time we practice this, the seeming reality of the illusions we have perceived will fade and the Reality of changeless Love will become more clear, for we are letting go of the past and accepting the eternal present.

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